Certified Therapist

Krista Matison

Thai Bodywork

Clinical Thai Bodywork is an effective treatment for pain issues, utilizing traditional Thai Massage techniques to deactivate trigger points in muscle fibers.

Studies have shown that over 80% of pain complaints presented at clinics are likely to be caused by myofascial trigger points rather than actual tissue damage, arthritis, bone spurs or other diagnosis. These diagnosis can lead to treatment approaches like drugs, steroid injections and surgery. Clinical Thai Bodywork has a high rate of success with even very serious pain across a wide variety of diagnoses.


You can choose from two types of sessions. All bodywork is done on a traditional Thai mat with the client wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Traditional Thai Bodywork is a full body session, waking up energy pathways of the meridians of the body using rocking, muscle palpation and stretches. It has been referred to as "lazy man's yoga". Clinical Thai Bodywork is a focused session to solve a pain issue that has been described in detail using a protocol for that body area. The principle of Metta, or loving kindness, is at the heart of the practice in all of Krista's bodywork sessions.

Traditional Thai Bodywork
  • 90 minutes
  • $120/session — cash or check only

Krista will use Thai Bodywork techniques combined with her clinical knowledge of myofacial anatomy to find and note areas for future clinical sessions. This session is also recommended for ongoing pain maintenance.
This full-body session opens up energy in the body and eliminates stagnation. According to Thai tradition, this stagnation is the cause of disease in the body. In some sessions, Krista will use hot Thai Herbal Compresses (Lak Pra Kob) with anti-inflammatory essential oils, that aid in the dispersal of myofascial trigger points. People find this kind of bodywork opens up the muscles of the body and the tightness and stiffness is lessened.

Clinical Thai Bodywork
  • 90 minutes
  • $120/session — cash or check only

This clinical session targets specific muscle fibers that have become dysfunctional and are causing pain patterns in the body. An initial consultation is the first step to identify details in the problem area and includes a postural assessment that may be an important piece to figuring out why the pain exists. This type of bodywork involves compression, movement, and stretch to retrain muscles and joints to contract and lengthen smoothly. This results in pain-free movement and increased range of motion.
During this session, your treatment may include laying on a BioMat® infrared heated mat. This mat will warm the muscles, penetrating heat at the cellular level. Your treatment may also include the use of hot Thai Herbal Compresses (Lak Pra Kob). The hot, moist heat is a powerful tool: with it's anti-inflammatory essential oils, it aids in the dispersal of myofascial trigger points.

Clinical Thai BodyWork has many reported benefits: